What You Should Know Before Purchasing Panties for Women

A lot of women got stuck with wearing plain and dull looking panties. They may be aware that there are different kinds of sexy panties that are available for women, yet some of them are not just sure whether it will fit to them or not or which sexy underwear will suit them most. Sexy panties for women can be bikinis, V-strings and thongs, cheekies, French cuts, boy shorts or hiphuggers, and seamless panties. With hundreds of styles and prints available, for sure you will be able to the get the ones that you feel you are comfortable wearing.

Panty Size Matters

Before you purchase undergarments, it is important that you are aware about your exact panty size. Most women only purchase panties because they are attracted with the designs and cuts. Having the bigger size may fall down under your skirts, while smaller can make you feel uncomfortable and could create panty lines. Women must be aware that wearing the perfectly fitted panties can promote comfort and confidence. You can get your panty size by measuring your waist and hips. If you are going to visit a retail undergarment shop for women to buy panties, it is recommended that you try them on.

Different Kinds of Panties for Different Body Types

It is crucial that women are knowledgeable about how to choose undergarments in different occasions. Thongs, V-cuts, and seamless are best worn in slacks, leggings, or any tight fitting bottoms. This will help avoid getting noticeable panty line. Hiphuggers and boy shorts are normally worn by women with wider hips and thighs, while big butt women are advised to wear cheeky type of panties as it can enhance their curves even more.

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Other Factors in Choosing the Right Panties for Women

Panties for women are also available in different kinds of fabric. Choosing the right fabric for panties is vital since undergarments are worn next to skin. Panties can be made of cotton, silk, satin, lace, and sheer. Laced panties for women can be really attractive but for some, lace panties tend be itchy, which can irritate the skin. Most women prefer to wear satin and silk panties during bedtime since these fabrics are not capable of absorbing body sweat unlike cotton. Satin and silk underwear are also believed to have sensual look, which is perfect to become evening attire for women with partners.

Designs are also important in choosing the right panties for women. Women must have the idea about which color complements their skin complexion. When it comes to designs and prints, there could be thousands of selection to choose from. However, do not expect that each one of these can go well with your bra, not unless you want to experiment with colors and styles.

Choosing panties may seem to be very easy for some women. But if you want to boost your body curves and have a sexier appeal, choose the one that could fit you well. Feeling sexy does not only depend on the clothes you wear; it is a product of mentality and emotion based on how you feel about yourself and how you look.


Plus Size Panty Guide and Different Styles of Ladies Underwear

Panties have evolved over time from the knee or ankle-length pantaloons of the early 1800s, through the drawers and bloomers of the late 1800s, to the forerunner of modern panties, the step-ins worn by free-spirited flappers in the 1920s.

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Today’s women have a dazzling array of panty styles from which to choose, all in an infinite variety of fabrics and colors. With so many varieties, it is no wonder that some of us are baffled by boxer shorts and tongas or are confused by thongs and g-strings. This panty guide will clear it all up for you with an explanation about twelve styles of panties found on the market.

Tap Pants

These are the closest things modern women have to flapper step-ins and plus size tap pants are a more feminine version of boxer shorts. Usually made of soft, floaty fabrics such as satin and silk, they feature an elastic waist and loose, short, full legs.

Boy Shorts

These are tap pants for the active set. Plus size boy shorts are like stretchy, tight-fitting boxers. They offer full coverage from your waist to just below the crotch, so they are longer than regular panties, but not as long as bike shorts or workout shorts.


Briefs are generally known by those who don`t appreciate them being called “granny panties.” Plus size briefs offer coverage from your waist to the natural crease where your legs meet your torso. They are excellent for sleeping in, especially when made of white cotton, which lets your skin breathe.

French Cut Panties

These sexy numbers also offer full coverage from the waist in the back, but the leg holes in front are cut very high up toward the hip. Plus size French cut panties are preferred by women who do not like tight elastic around their legs. They also elongate the appearance of your legs, which is why this cut if so often used in bathing suit bottoms.

High Cut Panties

These panties are slightly skimpier versions of a French cut. While the leg holes are the same, plus size high cut panties sit approximately 1 1/2 inch below your natural waist. This gives you full coverage that many women find more comfortable than having a waistband right at their waist.


These underwear are cut even lower on the waist than high cut panties. Plus size hipsters sit 2 inches below the natural waist and offer full coverage in the back, with the leg holes cut as low as they are on briefs.

Bikini Panties

Bikinis are the most popular style today. Plus size bikini panties sit a full 3 inches below your waist in the front and in the back and they usually have French cut leg holes. They offer less coverage than other types of panty but are also less visible under clothing when they fit properly. Bikini panties that are too tight are the most likely to cause visible panty lines to show through your clothes.

Cheeky Panties

These panties are cut very much like hipsters or bikinis, with one big difference. Plus size cheekies sit low on the waist, but the back is cut very high, exposing a bit of cheek.

Tonga Panties

Tongas take a slightly different direction than cheekies. Plus size tongas offer full coverage in the front and back, but they leave you bare on the sides. The front and back pieces are attached directly to the waistband, which offers you protection and coverage when wearing cut-out fashions.


Sexy thongs were introduced to the world by dancers in Brazil. Plus size thongs come in several different cuts as far as where they sit on your waist, but the main idea is that they provide full coverage in the front while offering only a thin strip of cloth in the back. This makes thongs virtually invisible under clothing and many women find them much more comfortable than full-coverage panties because there is no fabric to bunch or ride up.


These are basically very small thongs. Plus size G-strings resemble thongs, but the strip in the back is merely a string. They offer varying coverage in the front, though they are most often cut as low as bikini panties at the waist.

Garter Belts are not technically panties, though some panties do come with garters attached. Garter belts can be as thin as an actual belt, or can offer close to full coverage in front and back, but with no crotch piece. A pair of decorative straps hangs down in front and back of each leg with clips for attaching stockings.

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